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Introducing Giffi : your personal courier just a click away. #GIFFIINSTANTDELIVERY

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Have you ever wished for an ‘assistant’? Your very own courier to collect last-minute gifts? Someone to save you a trip to the post office? We have too. That’s why we’ve created Melbourne’s most anticipating and comprehensive mobile app, Giffi Instant Delivery.

Giffi Instant Delivery has just launched in Melbourne and, already, we’re making life easier for thousands of customers. In this post, we’ll explain how our 24/7 Melbourne courier service works, including what you can order, what to expect, plus how to become a Giffi contracted courier or store partner.

Book a fast, affordable courier service, right from your mobile phone

We know how hectic life can get. Between juggling work, family and lifestyle commitments, there’s little time left for anything else. That’s where Giffi Instant Delivery comes in. Our new mobile courier app saves you time (and stress!) by taking care of your shopping, pick-ups and deliveries – all from your phone in a few simple clicks.

Whether you’re stuck at work, pressed for time, or you’re simply too lazy to leave home, Giffi Instant Delivery can help. Our team of contracted personal couriers offer around-the-clock deliveries and pick-ups in as little as 10 minutes, for as low as $10. There’s no minimum purchase, no mark-up price, and no need to panic about last-minute shopping. No matter where you are in Melbourne, our courier app has you covered.

Here’s how our services work.

Pick up and send courier service

Getting to the post office can be a nightmare, especially if you work during business hours. Even if you can make the trip yourself, the long queues are waiting times take precious moments from your day. It’s frustrating – and we know you have better things to do. Thankfully, our pick up and send courier service makes post office trips a thing of the past.

Simply book a courier through the Giffi Instant Delivery app, and we’ll have your parcels, letters and documents picked up – straight from your door – in as little as 10 minutes. We can even pick up ‘click & collect’ orders on your behalf. That means you can shop online from the comfort of your home or office and let Giffi do the rest.

Worried about protecting your parcels? Don’t be. Giffi works with only the best and most reliable contracted couriers. Each and every Giffi courier has completed a rigorous testing and screening process, so you can rest assured your items are in safe hands. Our pick up and send courier service is fast, professional and affordable, with prices starting from $10.

Shop and send courier service

There’s nothing worse than settling in for a long day at work, or finally getting the kids to bed, then realising you’ve forgotten something. Whether it’s a last-minute birthday gift, a bottle of wine, or groceries for your evening meal, Giffi gets your shopping sorted quickly and easily.

Use the Giffi Instant Delivery courier app to shop from any store across Melbourne, at any time of the day. We shop everywhere from department stores to supermarkets to 24/7 convenience stores. If the store you want is open for service, so is Giffi.

Here are just a handful of the popular items we can shop for:

· Gifts

· Groceries

· Food

· Alcohol

· Clothing

· Appliances

· Household items

· Office essentials

· Flowers

· Just your daily needs

In addition to our shop and send courier service, we’re also expanding our affiliate network to deliver a seamless online shopping experience.

With our GIFFI SHOP and GIFFI FOOD services, you can shop online from your favourite stores and select Giffi Instant Delivery at checkout. Why wait until tomorrow when you can have it today?

Get social with Giffi

We’re always adding to our network of store partners, and our delivery area will be expanding soon. Follow us @instantdelivery on Facebookand @giffiinstantdelivery on Instagramfor the latest news from Giffi.



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