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Giffi: Same Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne

The on-demand gig economy has disrupted many an industry. From taxi’s, hotels, haircuts and even dog walkers. Yes, dog walkers. Now it’s the delivery and courier industry due for a shake-up. And rightly so. Most of us can relate to paying way too much for a courier that takes way too long to be delivered. Add to that, there's the lack of communication, tracking and good customer service on hand. Of course, this can be extremely frustrating if you're trying to get a same day gift delivery Melbourne.

Enter the new on-demand startup Giffy. And as the name implies, Giffy will have a product delivered to you in a Jiffy (Giffi). Not only that, but Giffi is breaking new ground in the on-demand delivery space by offering an all-in-one solution to shop, pick-up and deliver a gift of your choice at the last minute. In this post, we will discuss the many features and benefits of using Giffy as your choice of same day courier in Melbourne.


Pick up for same day gift delivery Melbourne

Feeling rushed, stuck for time or just forgot something?  Gone are the days of having to wait days, sometimes weeks to have items delivered. The digital age has lifted expectations of today’s time-poor consumer to want things done much more seamlessly, efficiently and immediately! Giffi allows you to arrange pick-up and delivery of items from any location throughout Melbourne all through the Giffi App on your phone, sometimes delivering in as little as ten minutes from sender to doorstep! And no more collecting from the post office during opening hours. Giffi will pick up and deliver any time of the day. Yes, any. As in 24/7.


Full transparency and communication with your courier

This is a big one for us. There’s nothing more frustrating than awaiting an urgent delivery and not knowing where it’s at. What’s more, without direct access to the courier you are forced to call up the delivery company dealing with customer service to get an answer. An answer which at best is vague (if you get an answer at all).

Not so at Giffi. Giffi allows you the peace of mind knowing that you can text or call your courier at any time. This is especially beneficial if you’re trying to get that all-important same day gift delivery Melbourne. Yet, being able to track and watch your items through the live tracking GPS function chances are you’ll hardly ever need to contact the courier anyway. Much like watching your Uber ride approach, the GPS tracking feature reassures that your items are on the way.


Shop online, pick-up and deliver all through the app

The shopping feature sets Giffi apart. Combining our love for online shopping and immediacy, Giffi allows you to shop through the app with any stores in Victoria and arrange for same day gift delivery in Melbourne. Providing the stores are open, of course! You can shop and arrange delivery for just about anything from:

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Groceries

  • Clothing

  • Household Essentials

This is especially handy if you forgot a special someone’s birthday and need a gift delivered quick smart! Or perhaps you just need to satisfy that retail therapy from the comfort of your bed. Either way, Giffi can do the shopping for you and arrange same day courier Melbourne.

 More affordable than your standard courier service

Something that never sat well for us in the courier industry was the prices charged in relation to the service delivered. It just wasn’t justified. So, not only do Giffi take care of your shopping, picking up and same day gift delivery Melbourne, but we also offer very affordable rates. Moreover, the value in the service we offer makes our rates more than reasonable, as so many as our satisfied customers can attest. This is because Giffi fosters a customer-centred culture where good, reliable customer service comes first. If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with a gift or delivery, you can rest assured Giffi will have your back. The customer is always number one!


Giffi rewards its customers

Sticking with the theme of a customer-centred culture, Giffi established a Giffi points scheme. Every time a customer makes an order through the app they are rewarded with Giffi points. Loyal customers can collect these points and redeem them for items such as TV’s, smartphones and clothes. It’s our way of giving back and saying thanks for the support. Getting a start-up off the ground and running is no easy task, thus we are super grateful for all the support we get!


So, there you have it. The change in the immediacy and convenience of products and services that we are all becoming accustomed is evolving at a rapid pace due to new technology. Small businesses need to pay attention and Giffi’s mission is to adapt quickly to the new demand for convenient and efficient service. However, even more important than convenience is customer satisfaction, no matter what. And in all respects, Giffi certainly delivers.





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