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Giffi Mobile App: Your Instant Delivery Assistant

Giffi, an instant delivery assistant, is a mobile application we designed to help bridge between the consumer, the courier and the merchant. You (the consumer) are currently based in Melbourne, either at your workplace, party or home – and would like to go out shopping for essentials. However, looking at your tight schedule, there is not enough time to complete all these errands. But with Giffi, an Instant Delivery App, your desired goods will be purchased and shipped to you within a short time period. Running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Giffi is dedicated to serving its large user base within Melbourne.

Going by our mission, we want to ensure all our clients have received their requested services at the right address and on time. Giffi Instant Delivery app was developed with the focus of being an assistant that will allow users to request for services and earn Giffi points while enjoying the service. We understand your curiosity of how the app works, who gets to use it, what benefits it has and how one can get it – In this article, we aim to make you familiar with Giffi Instant Delivery Assistant.

How to get Giffi Instant Delivery App

Our official mobile app is available on Android’s Play Store as well as on the iOS platform, App Store as Giffi: Instant Delivery. Both versions of our mobile app are branded with the official Giffi logo. The logo is graphically designed in a circle with a rich Yellow background on it. Engraved on the Yellow background is our brand name ‘Giffi’ with an italicised ‘Instant delivery’ slogan below it – all in black. In efforts to help you get the compatible version of your smartphone, we drafted easy-to-follow guides for downloading and installing our official app.

Getting Giffi Instant Delivery app from Google Play Store

• On your Android smartphone, go to the Play Store icon, click to open. If you’re new to Play Store, you will be prompted to sign in first; follow the on-screen directions to sign in.

• Once you are on Play Store, key in the app name: Giffi Instant Delivery on the search menu. Select the app option on the list bearing our official logo and name, Giffi: Instant Delivery as illustrated below.

• Once you’ve selected our official app, click on the Install button to begin downloading. The app is absolutely free. NOTE: The app will occasionally ask you for installation permissions before downloading, just accept them

• Wait until the download and installation process is complete before you open the app to launch it. The app is only 11 MB of size; thus it shouldn’t take long to download.

Getting Giffi Instant Delivery app from App Store

• On your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac open the App Store.

• On the search bar, type in Giffi Instant Delivery, and select our app bearing the official name and logo.

• The app is totally free, so just click GET to begin downloading Giffi Instant Delivery.

• Before the download process begins, you will be prompted to enter your Touch ID. If you don’t have a Touch ID, then go ahead and key in your Apple ID and tap Install to begin downloading the app.

• Wait patiently for the app to download and install. The iOS app is 62 MB of size; thus it should download fast over a good internet connection.

How Giffi Instant Delivery Assistant works

The interface of our mobile app is identical for both the Android and iOS versions. Regardless of the smartphone you have, be it a budget phone, or a high-end handset, our app will offer you the same user experience. Here is how it works:

• Opening the Giffi Instant Delivery app, you will be met with an amazing interface bearing our official logo in a centered position. Forming the background of the initial interface are urban structures, as well as a clear-white sky. You will also spot our Giffi logo on one of the buildings, indicating our presence in the city of Melbourne.

• Next, you will observe prompts to allow Giffi access various features on your phone, including phone calls, SMSs, media files, as well as your device’s location. All these permission settings will allow Giffi to operate seamlessly. Needless to say, the granting us permission does not interfere with your handset security whatsoever.

• Once you’ve granted Giffi all the permission prompts, you will be directed to the language interface. Here you will be required to select your ideal language from our dropdown list. Our app supports four languages including English, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian.

• On selecting your preferred language, you will be automatically directed to the login page. If you are an existing Giffi user, then you can go ahead and login to access Giffi services. Nonetheless, if you’re new on our Giffi platform, then click on the Register button at the bottom.

• To enroll as a Giffi user, you will need to input your personal details including name, email, Telephone and your password in the required fields. Then, click on the REGISTER button to finish the process. By registering you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy, which you are at liberty to read first.

NOTE: We guarantee security of your personal details with an end-to-end encryption.

• To finish the registration process, you will be required to enter an OTP code automatically sent to your phone.

• Finally, you will be redirected to the main page of the Giffi Instant Delivery Assistant where you will find all the offered services including Giffi Food, Giffi Shop, Shop & Send, Pick & Send, as well as our exciting Giffi Points.

Apart from the Home section, the main interface spots other sections meant to improve your user experience while on Giffi app.

Giffi Food

Giffi Food feature will allow you to order meals directly from our assorted restaurants. Once you checkout, our Giffers will deliver your order within minutes. However, we are yet to launch Giffi Food, so stay tuned!

Giffi Shop

With Giffi Shop, you can shop directly from our partner stores, and we will have our Giffers deliver the goods to you once you check out. Nonetheless, we regret that we haven’t launched this feature yet. Though you will be pleased to know that it’s coming soon.

Shop & Send

Be it groceries, clothing, drinks, or gifts; our Giffers will be able to shop and deliver the goods straight to your desired destination – of course within 25KM of Melbourne CBD. That means you get to have all the time to yourself to do other things.

Pick & Send

Pick & Send allows you to request for on-time deliveries to you by our Giffers. Means you don’t have to go to the post, store to pick your goods. Our dedicated Giffers will work with you to deliver all your demands including parcels, mails, meals, etc.

My Orders

This section allows you to keep tabs of your complete orders as well as those in progress.

My Product

Here you can track all your items history, including the Redeemed points from the Giffi Points.


It is a knowledge base section designed to provide you with whatever information you may need.


In this section, you will be able to perform various tasks like editing your profile settings, view credit card information and points.

In conclusion!

If you are based in Melbourne and need so much done in a short time frame, then Giffi Instant Delivery assistant is a must have application. While the app will take you less time to download, it can help you achieve so much; what’s more, our services are available 24/7. Affordable pricing, fast deliveries, and above all a wide selection of stores and restaurants to shop from.

Get your Giffi Instant Delivery app today and enjoy the luxury of your time.



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