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Shop and Send

Use our app to buy you anything from around Melbourne and get it sent to you immediately.

Feeling lazy or you just simply have no time

for last minute shopping for any of these?




Household products

Daily Essentials


Use our app to shop from ANY stores in Victoria

within their opening hours (including  24 -hours stores) 

and get it delivered

You can use shop and send 24/7 for numerous things for your convenience , here are just some examples of what you can use it for


How it works 

Step 1

Enter where you would like to shop from and where you would like the items to be sent. 

You can add notes to where the shop is just for further clarification.


Step 2

Describe the items you would like the Giffer to purchase for you (up to 5 items). 

You may add images of the products so that the Giffer knows exactly what you want to purchase.

(NOTE : Max total size is 430 x 300 x 140 mm & 15Kg weight , Max value covered $100)  


Step 3

Track your delivery using our live GPS tracking and watch your items get delivered straight to your destination instantly ! 

Please confirm that you have received product on the app.

You may chat/call/message the courier at any stage of the delivery up to completion.

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