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Pick-up and Send

Pickup anything from around Melbourne and get it sent to you immediately.

Whether it is letters or documents, parcels or any other items, you name it. 

Instant pick ups and collections from as little as 10 minutes

from the sender to the receiver's doorstep.

Let our couriers come to YOU

Just order or place any item online to "click & collect"

and leave the rest to us.

Now you have more time on your hands by never having to worry to step foot in the post office to get your items sent.

How it works 

Step 1

Enter the address you would like your items to be picked up from and sent to.


Step 2

Describe the items to be sent as well as the approximate size and weight (NOTE : Max size is 430 x 300 x 140 mm & 15Kg weight , Max value covered $100)  , afterwards proceed with payment.


Step 3

Track your delivery using our live GPS tracking and watch your items get delivered straight to your destination instantly ! 

Please confirm that you have received product on the app.

You may chat/call/message the courier at any stage of the delivery up to completion.

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